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AhLing Pork Luncheon Meat - Reunion Dinner: Tales and Legends

AhLing Pork Luncheon Meat - Reunion Dinner: Tales and Legends

AhLing - Reunion Dinner: Tales and Legends

Chinese New Year is right around the corner! Reunion dinner is undoubtedly one of the most highly anticipated meals of the year for many individuals! As we go back to our families and welcome a brand new year together, have you ever wondered why do we have reunion dinner? Wondering what is the origin story behind the festive meal and how food became an integral part of the occasion?

Without further ado, AhLing is here to share tale on how reunion dinner became a tradition during Chinese New Year!

Food for Protection


According to Chinese tales and legends, the New Year tradition started as an attempt to get rid of the mythical creature called the Nien (Chinese: ). The Nien was a vicious leviathan with the head of a lion and a body of a bull which lived in the mountains where there is sparse vegetation toward the end of winter.  It comes down to the villages every first of the year to prey on crops, livestock, and the villagers. To protect themselves, the villagers would often prepare food and place it at the front of their doors for the Nien to eat. With the annual food preparation, the villagers and their families are spared from becoming the Nien’s meal!

Since then, food had become an important symbolism of protection for families every start of the year. Today, we hark back and commemorate this festive occasion through an annual feast called the Tuan Yuan Fan (Chinese: 团圆饭), or the reunion dinner, which reaffirms the love and respect that bind families together.

In this gathering, tables are filled with an abundance of food as the Chinese believe that this would bring good fortune, material wealth to their family in the coming year and marking a good start for the brand new year.


Tuan Yuan

In Singapore, the round steamboat which symbolises Reunion (团圆) had become a staple at almost every Singaporeans' reunion dinner. However, we all know (deep down inside our heart) that Steamboat has become a highlight of Lunar New Year mostly because it’s easy to prepare and accommodates large dining groups.

With family time being fostered around the steamboat where an abundance of ingredients are added into a pot of delicious hot broth, AhLing would like to recommend you to add AhLing's HEAVENLY and FULL-FLAVOURED premium luncheon meat to your list of must-have ingredients for this hearty meal!

Why Choose AhLing Luncheon Meat?

A local brand made for the delicate local tastebuds, AhLing offers premium luncheon meat made with the fineness ingredients that are bound to surprise you with a taste of nostalgia. So, add in slices of delectable AhLing luncheon meat into your steamboat this Chinese New Year and let its amazing taste whet the palate of your guests!

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Where to find us

AhLing Luncheon Meat is now available at major supermarkets such as Fairprice, Sheng Shiong and Cold Storage around Singapore!